... Most of our family members are available both with and without fragrance?
The fragrance-free products carry a fragrance-free label - if this label has a brown background, the product is also available with fragrance and if the label has a white background, you can only get the product without fragrance.

“All products for the daily skincare routine are made both with and without fragrance. I think it is important that you can get the necessary skincare, whether you prefer fragrance or not. That is why the vast majority of special products are also fragrance-free, so they are available to as many people as possible - an important part of Ecooking's DNA. ”

- Tina Søgaard, founder and owner.

Psst! Almost all our family members are available without fragrance ...

NOTE! Essential oils can contain allergens, so if you are allergic, we will always recommend you to choose our fragrance-free series.

If you have sensitive skin, you can look for the "Allergy Certified" label on our products.

You can see all our fragrance-free products by clicking here.
Rensegel og dagcreme uden parfume. Allergicertificeret og Forbrugerrådet Tænks A-kolbe