With only a few eyebrow products, you can frame your face with a pair of beautiful eyebrows - without much hassle or time spent.

Our Eyebrow Pencil - in the colours taupe, light brown and dark brown - blends with your own hair and can create both a natural and a distinctive brow look. To achieve the most natural eyebrow look, choose a colour that matches your eyebrow's own colour or a little lighter. For a more distinctive look use a darker shade. With Eyebrow Gel you can put your eyebrows in place so that they last all day. Eyebrow Gel is available in four different colours matching the Eyebrow Pencil. You can also combine the products to create the perfect look.

How to: Natural eyebrows in just a few minutes

  • First, give shape to your eyebrows with the Eyebrow Pencil.

  • Then draw the eyebrows up with small strokes. Start at the centre of the brow and work towards the end of the brow. The brow is naturally darkest inside the bridge of the nose because there is more pigment there. Therefore, it is important to add extra colour to the edge of the brow.

  • Blend the Eyebrow Pencil well into the brow with the brush in upward strokes.

  • Finish by fixing the brow with Eyebrow Gel. Apply the product with upward strokes and shape your eyebrows as you wish. Use the clear gel for the most natural look.

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