Smokey eyes heavily depend on current trends and can have many different expressions. They can be both natural and dramatic. They can also be customized to your eye colour or your current outfit. No matter the smokey eyes you make, they always are a powerful form of eye makeup.

How to: From natural to dramatic

  • Apply a fine base of Foundation on the entire eyelid to make the eyeshadow look even.

  • Start by applying a light, neutral eyeshadow on the entire eyelid with the Eye Shadow Brush.

  • Afterwards, apply a dark shade on the eyelid and work it up with the Eye Shadow Brush.

  • Apply the same dark shade under the bottom lash line with the smallest brush - Eye Precision Brush - and blend a bit.

  • Use Eyeliner Pencil on the lash line, as well as on the wet edge, and tone with the Eye Precision Brush. If you are going for a more dramatic look, you can use the Liquid Eyeliner on the top lash line instead.

  • Finish with Mascara to complete the look.

Family members for the perfect smokey eyes

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