Eyeshadows come in many shapes and colors. Some are shiny and sparkling, others are more matte and neutral. You can find your new favorite among Ecooking's Eyeshadows.

What is eyeshadow?

Eye shadow is colored powder or cream to put on your eyelids. It brightens up your everyday and party makeup in an instant and stays put until you remove it.

Ecooking's Eyeshadow has a perfect consistency, which makes it easy to dazzle into the skin.

Our eyeshadow pampers your skin with a mix of natural vitamin E and organic oils, which both nourish and moisturize the skin. With highly pigmented colors that cover well and have either a matte or a shiny finish.

How to use the eyeshadow?

Use an eyeshadow brush to apply it.

If you want a simple eye shadow look, you can use a neutral color and a dark color. Start by applying the neutral color to even out the skin tone and highlight your eyes. Then apply the dark color and use the Eye Shadow Blend Brush to blend the eye shadow into the skin. The dark color helps to define your eyes.

On the days you feel like doing more festive makeup, you can easily build the colors up and make them more intense.

You can create many different looks and experiment with the eyeshadows that like. A classic, dramatic smokey eye never goes out of fashion.

Which eye shadow suits my eye color the best?

Find the shade that highlights your eye color the most. Ecooking's Eyeshadow is available in a wide range of colors - namely 10 sparkling variants both for the everyday look and for parties:
* = matte
** = light shimmer
*** = shimmer
Eyeshadow 01 - sand **
Eyeshadow 02 - cream **
Eyeshadow 03 - desert rose **
Eyeshadow 04 - blossom ***
Eyeshadow 05 - camel *
Eyeshadow 06 - stone **
Eyeshadow 07 - brown *
Eyeshadow 08 - golden ***
Eyeshadow 09 - forest ***
Eyeshadow 10 - midnight blue **

For gray eyes

To highlight the blue-gray color in your eyes, go for the following colors: Gray, bronze, and copper.

For brown eyes

Almost all eye shadows suit this eye color. Dark blue, plum, yellow, or olive green can create a softer contrast to the warm eye color. If your eyes are light brown, a metallic green, purple, or copper eyeshadow can enhance your eye color.

For blue eyes

A green eye shadow can create depth and is a nice contrast to your blue eyes. If you are into the more classic colors, purple and the metallic shades of gray, gold and bronze will really make your eye color pop.

For green eyes

Almost all eye shadows match the green eye color. Especially those with a more reddish warm undertone, purple, bronze, or gray/brown shades go well with the green eyes.

What is a smokey eye and how to do it?

Smokey eye is a term for the technique that deals with blending the eye shadow around the eye. This should create a softer transition between your eyeshadow and eyelid. It has nothing to do with the color, even if you associate the word "smokey" with some slightly darker colors. So you can make smokey eyes in just the color you want.