Sun Powder


Sun powder 

Sun Powder, sunshine powder, and bronzer - a dear child has many names. At least one thing's for sure: A little glow makes any face shine, and so does Ecooking's Sun Powder.

With a few coats of Sun Powder, your skin quickly looks fresh and tanned. The sun powder consists of nourishing shea butter and protective vitamin E, both of which keep your skin in good company.

Sun Powder is ‘baked’, which means that it is made as a cream that has been long-baked. This manufacturing method gives Sun Powder a velvety texture that is easy to work with and blends easily into the skin. It is also good for all skin types.

What is sunshine powder?

The sunshine powder gives you a sun-kissed look that makes you look fresh and tanned all year round. The powder highlights your most beautiful features and gives you a beautiful glow.

How do I use it?

For a sun-kissed look, use a powder brush to distribute Sun Powder on the areas where the sun typically hits the face: on the upper cheekbones, temples, chin, and on the bridge of the nose. Sun Powder 03 and 04 are also good to use on the collarbone, chest, and shoulders, as they give the skin a nice shiny effect.

Be sure to not use the Sun Powder all over your face as it will give a greasy look or make you too tanned. 

You can use your powder to contour (a makeup technique where you make shadows with dark colors to "shape" certain areas of your face). This technique can e.g. make your cheekbones more visible or make your nose narrower. Sun Powder 01 or 02 are best to contour with because they are matte and without glitter. You can also use Sun Powder to highlight (another makeup technique where you highlight certain facial features using cool colors or glitter). Here you can use Sun Powder 03 or 04.

What color should I choose?

Sun powder is available in many different shades. Use one that is a few tones darker than your own skin tone. Ours are available in four sunny varieties:

Sun Powder 01 - Matte. Same color as 03, but without glitter.
Sun Powder 02 - Matte. Same color as 04, but without glitter. Darker than 01.
Sun Powder 03 - With gold glitter. Same color as 01.
Sun Powder 04 - With gold glitter. Same color as 02. Darker than 03.