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Dermatologically tested

Starter Kit

Fragrance Free

Luxury Starter Kit. Contains everything you need on the go

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A luxurious skincare kit with everything you need when travelling. Ideal for flight journeys as the kit comes in a practical, transparent bag, that meets rules and regulations on board international flights. The EVA-material is environmentally friendly.

Fragrance-Free Cleansing Gel, 50 ml
(Mildly and effectively removes makeup, dirt and excess oil from your skin)

Fragrance-Free Face Mist, 50 ml
(Skin tonic moisturizes and nourishes with Vitamin E)

Fragrance-Free Day Cream, 15 ml
(Moisturizes and reduces fine lines)

Fragrance-Free Night Cream, 15 ml
(Smoothens and reduces fine lines)

Fragrance-Free Multibalm, 15 ml
(Heals, sores, burns, insect bites, cold sores, pimples etc.)

Fragrance-Free Multi Oil, 10 ml
(Avoid irritation when shaving, for dry/damaged hair, for removal of eye makeup)

Fragrance-Free Serum Capsules
(Firming Serum, Vitamin A and Vitamin E in capsules)

Fragrance-Free 1 ea. Wet Wipes, 10 pcs.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

With the Starterkit Fragrance-Free with Cleansing Gel, you get the perfect opportunity to try some of our favourite products before you buy full-size products.


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Packaged in a practical transparent bag that complies with TSA and airline regulations.

Fragrance-Free Cleansing Gel, 50 ml, Fragrance-Free Face Mist, 50 ml, Fragrance-Free Day Cream, 15 ml, Fragrance-Free Fragrance-Free Night Cream, 15 ml, Fragrance-Free Multibalm, 15 ml, Fragrance-Free Multi Oil, 10 ml, Fragrance-FreeSerum Capsules, 1 ea. Fragrance-FreeWet Wipes, 10 pcs.

NB: There might be small differences between the informative labelling on our website and the product you receive. This is due to our continuous effort to improve our products according to the latest knowledge about the effect of the ingredients on the environment and health.