Kitchen & Bath

Find the accessories for your bathroom or kitchen here! We have various soaps that not only stand out on their own but also complement our corresponding dispenser mounts.

Kitchen and bathroom

Here we have gathered all our products that you can use in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They are all vegan and dermatologically tested and several of our products also come in fragrance-free version.

What is hand cleansing gel?

Good hand hygiene is always important. Use our alcohol-based hand cleansing gel with a fresh scent. Rub your hands thoroughly with the hand sanitizer. Do not rinse your hands afterwards.

What is Ecooking's washing-up liquid?

washing-up liquid that is gentle on the hands and has a nice scent of flowers from natural fragrance oils. With our washing-up liquid, your plates, utensils or dishes become sparkly clean while you spare your hands.

What is the difference between hand soap and shower gel?

Our Shower Gel and Hand Soap both cleanse without drying out your skin. Ecooking's Shower gel and Hand Soap also contain glycerin, which softens and gives shine to your skin and hair.
Wash your hands with hand soap and rinse thoroughly with water.
Use the body soap all over the body in the bath/shower. Massage in, foam up with water and rinse.