Fragrance-free skincare

Why choose a cream without perfume?

There can be several reasons to use fragrance-free creams.

If you have sensitive skin, it may be a good idea to use fragrance-free products. Prolonged periods of use of the same perfumed product may also increase the chance of developing perfume allergies.
Therefore, it is always recommended that you switch between perfumed & fragrance-free variants of your skincare.

Can I get a deodorant without aluminium and perfume?

Absolutely! The many different perfumes found in deodorants increase the chance of developing perfume allergies. If you want a deodorant that is both gentle to your skin and the environment, choose a fragrance-free variant. Our fragrance-free deodorant does not contain aluminium either.

Why choose body lotion without perfume?

The body lotion is a product applied to your body where it moisturizes and cares in depth. Many people prefer to choose a body lotion without perfume to take extra good care of their skin. Furthermore, it reduces the chance of an allergic reaction, as you will not be in contact with a perfume for long periods.