Red bumps or irritated skin after shaving?

You have definitely experienced it before. Small red bumps, itchy or painful, after shaving - anywhere on the body. This is due to an inflammatory condition of the skin, more commonly known as folliculitis, which typically occurs after some form of hair removal such as shaving.

However, with a little practice, you can increase the chance of avoiding irritated skin and red spots after your shave.

Folliculitis - How to avoid it?

The easiest way to completely avoid irritated skin and red bumps is by not shaving at all. However, for many people this is not an option, so another good piece of advice is to not shave too often, as this will give your skin time to heal and recover after previous shaving.

In case you have to shave often, there is still something you can do to avoid folliculitis - by taking care of your skin before, during and after shaving. 

You can prepare your skin for shaving with a little help of an oil, which helps to soften both skin and hair, so that the shaving process runs smoothly. This way you can more easily avoid sores and discomfort on the skin.

After shaving, it is also important to care for the shaving area. Here we recommend the same oil as for shaving. Applying our Multi Oil after shaving will both care for and moisturize the exposed areas and thereby prevent the skin from becoming further irritated.

Another important piece of advice is to never share your razor with others and always make sure it is cleaned. This will at least guarantee that you won't be infected with folliculitis by others.

Can I shave my beard without shaving foam?

Yes, you can! Our beard and body oil works both before, during and after shaving. After application, the oil will soak into the skin and soften both skin and hair. This way you ensure a problem-free shave, avoiding folliculitis and ingrown hair.