How to treat impure teenage skin?

The hormones in adolescence are uncontrollable, and an increased amount of these hormones will often result in pimples and other impurities. This is also why all young people, to some extent, get pimples in adolescence.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid the impurities!

The best thing you can do for your skin is to cleanse it. This is important whether it is to combat impurities or not. A facial cleanse can be done with several different products, including our Deep Cleansing Scrub.

Another important piece of advice to avoid impurities is moisture. It may sound like something that is only necessary if you are struggling with dry skin, but in fact, oily teenage skin also needs moisture. The majority of the products in our Young series contain moisturizing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and natural vitamin E.

What could a great gift for a teenager be?

As a teenager, your skin changes tremendously because an excessive amount of hormones is being produced. These hormones cause impurities and it is certainly not fun for a teenager to bother with. Therefore, products that can combat and prevent these impurities will be an ideal gift for the teenager. It will be a gift that will bring joy now and in the future - and at the same time remove a lot of worries.