Mineral Powder


Mineral Powder

Ecooking's Mineral Powder covers your skin with a beautiful color that gives the skin a natural glow, covers irregularities, and lasts all day. The powder also pampers the skin with vitamin E, which protects and moisturizes.

The mineral powder has medium coverage, but the coverage can vary, depending on which brush you use to distribute the powder. It is a 'baked' mineral powder, which means that it is made as a cream that has been long-term baked. This manufacturing method gives Mineral Powder a velvety soft texture that blends easily into the skin in a beautiful and very natural way.

Why use mineral powder? What is it?

A powder is a cosmetic powder that is dabbed on the skin. The purpose of a powder is first and foremost to even your skin tone out and reduce the visibility of impurities and bumps. At the same time, it is excellent for putting your foundation on and prevents the skin and makeup look from appearing greasy and shiny during the day.

What color should I choose?

It is important that you do not choose a powder that is darker than your own skin tone. If you use Mineral Powder alone, we recommend that you use a color as close to your skin color as possible. If you use foundation under your powder, choose a Mineral Powder that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.

Skin tones can be divided into cool and warm colors. Cool means you have a pink, or peach undertone. Warm means you have a yellow, golden, or olive undertone. The blood vessels on your wrist can help you figure out your skin tone. If they have a blue tint, your skin tone is cold, if they have a greener tint, your skin tone is warm.

You can get Mineral Powder in five variants for different skin tones:

Mineral Powder 01 - for a light skin tone with a warm undertone.
Mineral Powder 02 - for a light skin color with a cold undertone.
Mineral Powder 03 - for a medium skin color with a golden undertone.
Mineral Powder 04 - for a golden undertone.
Mineral Powder 05 - for a sun-kissed/tanned/dark skin type.

The right powder brush

Use a powder brush (also called kabuki) to distribute the Mineral Powder evenly. Blend your powder in circular motions or 'press' it on the skin to achieve greater opacity.

The mineral powder works both in combination with your foundation and alone. May be slightly dusty when applied or on the skin.