Certified products


Certification and skincare

Here you can explore all our certified products. The majority of Ecooking's products have certification marks and are therefore either dermatologically tested, vegan, and certified with the international allergy mark AllergyCertified. Become wiser about the properties and ingredients of the different products.

What does "dermatologically tested" mean?

A dermatological test examines the skin's tolerance to a cosmetic product - normal skin, sensitive skin, and skin with eczema/allergy. Dermatologically tested products obtain their certification by undergoing a series of tests, which ensure that the products are not the cause of skin irritations or other reactions.

The tests are performed on at least 50 volunteers of different ages and skin types by placing a sample of the product on the skin and covering it with a patch. After 48 hours, the sample is removed from the skin and it is examined whether the skin has reacted to the sample. If none of the test subjects react to the product, it can be classified as harmless in relation to being able to cause skin irritations. However, the dermatological test does not rule out that one or more ingredients in a product may cause a skin reaction in some.

What does "AllergyCertified" mean?

The AllergyCertified label is your guarantee that all raw materials in a product have been reviewed for allergenic, endocrine-disrupting, and carcinogenic substances.
In addition, products labeled with AllergyCertified do not contain perfume. The label is a sign that the product in question meets all requirements and poses a minimal risk of allergies.

What is Vegan Trademark?

When a product is labeled with Vegan Trademark, it does not contain animal ingredients and it is not tested on animals in its production and development process.