Sarah, ecooking's ambassador

Ecooking is...

Everyday luxury for your skin with an uncompromising focus on efficiency.

Developed in Denmark by an experienced Danish producer and fireball, who originally hand-filled the products in her own small factory.

A series of problem solvers. Each individual product is developed with a specific challenge in mind, and thus our selection is broad enough to tackle any skin challenge.

For everyone – regardless of skin type and age. We have products for every skin type and age challenge, whether it concerns lines, wrinkles, acne, or redness. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves the delicious feeling of well-being that good and nourishing skincare products provide.

For you who want healthy and beautiful skin without too much nonsense. Our products are what they are called. They are easy to understand, easy to use and effective.

Everyday luxury. We only use the best and most effective ingredients, each selected based on their effectiveness.

For both women and men – and children. Men’s skin needs skincare just as much as women’s – primarily cleansing and moisturising – and therefore you will also find a line that has been specially developed for men in our range. Many of our products are available without fragrance, so they can be used by everyone. Even the youngest in the family can use our products, from Multi Oil Fragrance-free for baby skin to Acne Serum for teenagers’ problem skin.

Produced with the environment in mind. You can e.g., reuse our packaging.

Why are we called (eco)oking?

Eco – because we strive to be as eco-friendlyas possible.

cooking – because it all started in Tina Søgaard’s kitchen.