The choice is yours at ECOOKING. We offer almost all products with and without fragrance. This is because many still appreciate fragrance, including our founder and owner, Tina, who developed the first seven products with scent. 

For Tina, the various scents from essential oils add an extra touch of indulgence to her daily skincare routine. The pleasure of a scent can also be the reminder you need to use your products in a busy everyday life, and that's advantageous!

However, not everyone can or wants to use products with fragrance. We believe that all skin types should have the opportunity to benefit from the active ingredients our growing family of products has to offer. Therefore, we also have a wide range of fragrance-free products for those with perfume allergies.


Fragrance-free products

All our fragrance-free products carry the label "FRAGRANCE-FREE" on the front of the packaging. This label may have a coloured stripe or no stripe at all. If "FRAGRANCE-FREE" is in a coloured stripe, it means the product is also available in a scented version. If the stripe has no colour, you can only get the product in the fragrance-free version. See the stripes with and without colour here:


Our fragrance-free products are often allergy-certified, in our case, with the AllergyCertified label. The allergy label is only granted to fragrance-free products, as a product cannot receive the label if it contains perfume. When you use allergy-certified products, you can be confident that they are free from any form of perfume, known allergens, or substances that can trigger allergies.


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For those who love fragrance

Tina has always had a special ability to identify and blend fragrances. And even though what appeals to the nose is highly subjective, she has done her best to seduce as many noses as possible with our three primary scents:

01 – orange, lavender, and rose
With its sweet notes, this fragrance provides a warm feeling of well-being, relaxation, and spa.

02 – citrus, violet, and white pepper
This fresh fragrance immediately brings to mind crisp linens that have been fluttering in the air for hours.

03 – jasmine, grapefruit, and orange flower Flower fields, nostalgia, and cosiness are just a few of the pleasant associations that this fragrance evokes.

We also have more delightful scents beyond our three signature fragrances. For example, our shampoo and conditioner series has a scent of flowers and green leaves. Multi Shampoo also has a twist of mint, while Volume Shampoo and Conditioner have a twist of citrus.


Our products with fragrance contain scents from essential oils extracted from flowers, herbs, and fruits. In the ingredient list, these scents will always be listed as "parfum," even if the fragrances come from nature. This is done to make it easy for you as a consumer to choose products with and without fragrance. Legally, we cannot indicate that the fragrances are natural because it might lead people to believe that natural scents are less allergy-inducing, which is not the case. So, even though our fragrances are extracts from flowers and plants, "parfum" is not marked with ** in the ingredient list, like the rest of our natural ingredients. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, we always recommend choosing fragrance-free variants, and luckily, we have just as many of those.


"Can I still use ECOOKING products when I am pregnant?" 

This question often lands in our inbox because it can be a bit of a jungle to navigate what skincare products are safe during pregnancy. It is, of course, a personal choice which products you choose to use during your pregnancy. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend avoiding skincare products with vitamin A (for our products, this applies to Clay Mask, YOUNG Cleansing Mask, and Vitamin A Serum 0.15 and 0.30%). We also suggest opting for fragrance-free skincare and possibly allergy-certified products.


In 2021, we launched a complete makeup series. All makeup products are fragrance-free, and some are also AllergyCertified, including our Mascara and Lash Primer

Read more about the makeup series here