Concealer Brush

  • Covers blemishes precisely and with greater coverage
  • The brush shape makes it easy to blend concealer seamlessly into the corner of the eye and around the nose
  • Can be used for both liquid and solid concealer
NOK 215.00

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The size and pointed shape make this brush ideal for Concealer and to cover dark shadows and unevenness. It is easy to work the Concealer right into the corner of your eye or round the wing ofyour nose. The brush is shaped to make it easy to cover impurities precisely and more opaquely.

TIP: If you need more moisture around your eyes, mix your eye cream with Concealer.

All our brushes are made with synthetic hairs and are therefore vegan.

Use your brush match to apply the desired makeup. We recommend washing your brush (as explained below) before first use. It's beneficial to wash your brush once a week. This helps it last longer and minimizes the accumulation of bacteria.

Wash your brush with intimate soap or a mild fragrance-free shampoo. Remember that water can dissolve glue, so to best care for your brush, it's important to keep the glue and handle free from water when washing your brush. Lay the brush to dry on a dry and clean towel to prevent water from running into the glue joint.

If you need more moisture around your eyes, mix your eye cream with concealer.

Plastic handle with soft, synthetic fibers.

The handle is made of ABS plastic and features a lacquered finish. The lacquer used is a two-component paint based on polyester resin.

The synthetic fibers are PBT-based - 100% polybutylene terephthalate.


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