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Create dramatic eyes with this highly pigmented makeup set in black: Eyeliner Pencil 01, Mascara, and Mascara Brush 01.
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With this makeup set, you can create beautiful, curled lashes and intense eyes.

Mascara - black
The mascara contains Vitamin E and organic chestnut extract, which moisturise, protect, and repair your lashes. The mascara is AllergyCertified.

Mascara Brush 01 - curling & volume
The Mascara Brush 01 features a silicone brush that curls the lashes and provides volume. The brush has a curved shape that follows the lash line, and its conical bristles distribute the mascara evenly onto the lashes. The shorter bristles at the end of the brush can apply mascara to your innermost lashes without clumping.

Eyeliner Pencil 01 - black
The Eyeliner Pencil defines and enhances your eyes, making them instantly stand out and demand attention. With its soft and creamy texture, the Eyeliner Pencil is also easy to blend, allowing you to achieve a toned and soft eyeliner look. The colour is highly pigmented and offers good coverage.

The makeup set is fragrance-free, vegan, and dermatologically tested.


Twist the brush out of the container. Place the brush at the base of your lashes. Look up while applying the mascara and use zigzag motions to evenly distribute the mascara onto your lashes.

Draw the eyeliner line as close to your lash line as possible.

See INCI-lists under each product.


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