The perfect lashes depend on the perfect brush. But the perfect brush varies, depending on what look do you want and the lashes you have. To make it easy for you, we have only made one Mascara - in a tear-resistant and water-resistant version - and for that, you can choose between four different Mascara Brushes, each with its own core competence.
The various brushes can be washed with lukewarm water and used again and again. You can also use Intimate Wash to wash the brushes with.  

Which brush should I choose?

The unique vegan brushes are a great way to get exactly the lash look you want. This way you can have one mascara, but several different brushes, so you have something to choose from for every day.
There is often a difference between the upper and lower lashes and how they should look. You can always switch between the brushes and work with several, fine layers - it takes a little longer, but then you also get exactly the look you want.

Mascara Brush 1 - curling & volume

This flexible and soft silicone brush is to be chosen if you want to focus on curling and length. The c-shape of the brush is perfect for curving the lashes and giving fullness. The brush's curved shape is to follow the lash line, and conical bristles, which distribute mascara quickly and evenly on your lashes. The bristles at the tip of the brush are shorter than the rest, and can apply mascara to your inner lashes without smudging.

Mascara Brush 02 - separation & volume

This silicone brush is designed to give you perfectly defined lashes. The brush lifts and separates the lashes, and the bristles also catch the very finest lash hairs. You can either use the ball-shaped top of the brush or the sides to apply mascara.
The top is good for tidying your lashes, while the sides give them extra volume.

Mascara Brush 03 - length & volume

The surface of this nylon brush is more closed, to make it easy for the brush to distribute mascara evenly on your eyelashes. The brush has both long and short bristles: long bristles to lengthen and separate the lashes, while the short bristles increase their volume.

Mascara Brush 04 - XXL volume

This nylon brush lengthens and lifts your eyelashes and at the same time curves them and gives lots of volume. The smart bristles ensure that there are absolutely no clumps in your lashes.

Why should I use a Lash Primer?

Do you want extra length or extra volume? Or maybe both?

Just as your face primer is the basis for beautiful makeup, the Lash Primer is the basis for beautiful and full-bodied eyelashes.

With the nourishing Lash Primer, you can spread your mascara evenly without clumping and at the same time increase the volume and length of your lashes. With the base under your mascara, you have the opportunity to create exactly the lash look you want.

Lash Primer is gray, so it is easier to cover with the black mascara afterwards.

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Lash Primer
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