Step into the shower with these cleansing and nourishing family members that create the softest foam and come in delightful scents:


What is shower gel?

The shower gel is like soap, just less liquid and a little more gel-like in consistency. It is used in the same way as a regular soap with which one would wash the body.
The shower gel is preferred by many over the soap as it is easier to handle and in some cases can act as a shampoo as well.
Our shower gel has a high content of organic glycerin, which softens and gives shine to your skin or hair. Therefore, it is also suitable as a shampoo.

What is hand soap with scrub?

The hands are exposed to a lot every single day, whether it is washing dishes, handwashing, wind, or weather. This damadges one's hands and dries them out. This is where hand soap with scrub comes into the picture. The scrub gives the soap the extra function, where it removes dead skin cells and thus renews, softens and cares for the skin on your hands.

The scrub is made of small lava stones, which remove dead skin cells and put extra blood circulation in your hands. A really nice alternative with extra features compared to the normal hand soap.

Why use intimate wash?

When washing intimate areas, it is important to remember to use an intimate wash. Ordinary soap can cause irritation and dehydration of the skin in intimate areas.
Intimate areas have a lower pH value than the skin elsewhere on the body, therefore our intimate wash has a pH value of 4, which can cleanse without irritating and drying the skin out. Intimate wash will increase the growth of beneficial bacteria and thus restore the natural balance & pH value.