Cleansing & Skin Tonic

Cleansing is one of the most crucial steps in a good skincare routine! It effectively removes the day's dirt, dust, and makeup, allowing your subsequent products to penetrate the skin more effectively. We offer cleansing products tailored to every skin type, which you can explore further here:

Cleansing products

What are cleansing products?

Cleansing products are skincare products that cleanse your skin in depth. Cleansing your skin with water is not enough as it only cleans superficially and thus does not cleanse your skin in depth. You should always use cleansing products to prepare your skin before using other beauty products. 
Beauty products such as serum and cream will not have the same effect if your skin is not cleansed and therefore ready for the active ingredients in your daily routine.

Are there different cleansing products for different skin types?

The short answer is yes. We recommend finding a cleansing product that suits your skin type, whether you suffer from dry skin, oily skin or anything else.

Cleanse for dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin and want a cleansing product that can cleanse and at the same time care for your skin, then it is a product such as Cleansing Milk you need. Cleansing milk is a more nourishing and mild form of cleansing, which is especially good for sensitive and dry skin, as in addition to cleansing, it also moisturizes and cares.

Cleanses for oily skin

If your skin tends to appear oily, we recommend that you cleanse with Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Foam. These products are better at restoring your skin's balance between moisture and oil, which might relieve your discomfort.

If, on the other hand, you feel that your skin seems dry and tense after cleansing with these products, then it may in fact be a sign that you should use Cleansing Milk as a cleansing product instead.

Cleanse for combined skin

Did you experience that your skin type changes depending on the season, or do you generally have both oily and dry skin? Then you have a combined skin type, and for that it is recommended to clean with a cleansing gel or cleansing foam.

Cleanse for normal skin

If you have neither dry nor oily skin, you are one of the lucky ones. However, it is still important to cleanse your skin so that you can keep impurities away. With this skin type you can use most cleansing products, but it is still recommended to mainly use products for normal skin. This involves cleansing gel, cleansing foam or cleansing milk.

Cleanse for sensitive skin

For those of you with sensitive skin prone to skin irritations, it is recommended to use a mild cleanser. In order not to irritate further, it will be the best to use a cleansing product without perfume.
If your skin is sensitive, it is the best to cleanse with our fragrance-free variants of Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Foam & Cleansing Mousse. In addition to being fragrance-free, they all are further allergy certified.