Masks & Exfoliation

A weekly spa day with masks and scrubs is not only good for well-being but especially for the skin. These pampering products cleanse, exfoliate, and/or moisturise the skin thoroughly, providing visible and tangible benefits. Begin your self-pampering right here:

Face masks

Why use a face mask?

Explore all our vegan and dermatologically tested masks. You will find everything from Moisturizing Mask, through Peeling Mask to Clay Mask. Get to know more about the properties, ingredients of the different masks, as well as good advice and recommendations.

Peeling Mask

The peeling mask is a super effective mask with an exfoliating effect, which tightens and smoothes your skin. The mask contains active ingredients that exfoliate dead skin cells away and stimulate cell production.

Moisturizing mask

The moisturizing mask is a light and moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid, sesame, mandarin and almond oil, which makes your skin healthy and soft. The mask repairs your skin and gives it glow.

Clay mask

Clay mask is a refreshing mask that is created for the purpose of cleansing and refreshing your skin while minimizing your pores and reducing unevenness and impure skin.

Young Facial Mask and Cleansing Mask

Young Facial Mask is filled with moisturizing ingredients, which are especially good for pampering young and dry skin. It also contains an ingredient that causes healthy bacteria to thrive in the skin and at the same time suppresses bacteria that can cause impurities.

Young Cleansing Mask has a high content of natural clay and is therefore particularly good for oily skin. It contains effective ingredients that fight impurities, soothe the skin and provide a proper supply of moisture to your skin.