Ecooking Brush

  • Great for masks like Peel Mask and Clay Mask
  • Helps distribute the mask evenly while saving product
  • Easy to clean
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An allergy-friendly brush that makes it easier to apply your facial masks and contributes to completing your at-home spa day.
The Ecooking Brush is made from synthetic Dermocura® bristles, which are allergy-friendly and dermatologically tested. The brush is particularly well-suited for use with our Peeling Mask and Clay Mask. 
Made in the EU. 

The benefits of applying masks with the brush include:

  • You save on the amount of product because the brush, unlike your hands, does not absorb the product.

  • It is more hygienic to use a brush than your fingers, provided you remember to clean the brush thoroughly with water every time you have used it. When you have cleaned the brush, let it dry with the brush head facing downwards. This way, you avoid water collecting in the adhesive, which could cause the brush head to loosen.
Dip the brush into your mask and apply an even layer across your entire face and neck. Remember to clean the brush immediately after each use

Delivered in protective foil.

Brush with a black handle and synthetic Dermocura® bristles.


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