Ecooking's packaging is designed so that the material can be recycled.

In Denmark, the recycling of glass and aluminum is on a very high level, and plastic recycling is progressing well. No matter where in the world you might be finding yourself, we always support sorting or reuse of our packaging.

If materials are to be recycled, they must be sorted correctly. This means that glass and plastic must be thrown away as glass and plastic waste, and that aluminum must be sorted as metal waste.

Ecooking's packaging is designed to be separable. For example, if you have a Multi Oil in a glass bottle with a plastic pump, the bottle and the pump must be separated before disposal. Fortunately, it's very simple - you unscrew the pump from the bottle and throw it away for plastic collection, and the bottle can be thrown into the glass container.

Some of our pumps contain a small metal spring. Therefore, it is extra important that the pump is separated from the bottle so that the pump is handled correctly in the recycling process. We are working on replacing all our pumps so that they do not consist of several different materials.

Those who work with sorting plastic become extra happy when the individual parts are separated. Therefore, you are very welcome to unscrew your lids and pumps from all bottles and jars - including those made of plastic - when you send the material for recycling. This will also help you to get easier access to the last drops of the products.

The packages for dry shampoo and hairspray contain propellants. Propellants are completely harmless, so just make sure the product is under pressure so it can be sprayed out of the bottles. However, this means that the bottles should be sorted together with paint buckets and other 'hazardous waste'.

Some of our tubes are made from waste materials from sugar cane production. The tubes are made of a 100% plastic-type substance called polyethylene and can therefore be sorted out as plastic. Remember to separate the lid and the tube before sorting.

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