Red lips are a classic and they can be the finishing touch to a makeup look.

It sometimes takes a few minutes longer to apply a perfect red lipstick than it does to apply a more naturally coloured one, but who wouldn't spare that time for such a beautiful result? Red lips are perfect for both an everyday or a more festive look.

It is important the lips are well moisturized before you start applying your lipstick. Be sure to use a Lip Scrub if your lips are dry, so you remove excess dry flakes - the lipstick will hold much better in this case. You can also use a good Lip Balm after the scrub.

Step by step:

  • Use the Eye Precision Brush to apply the lipstick. Start at the cupid's bow on the upper lip and apply outwards. If you want to use strong red lipstick, dab the lipstick well into the lip to make the colour as intense as possible. Dab it less hard if you want a more transparent look.

  • Continue with the lower lip. Again start in the middle and apply outwards. Always make sure the lipstick is blended well.

  • Use a tissue to remove the excess lipstick. Afterwards, apply the 2nd layer. This makes the lipstick more durable.

  • If you want a more intense and shiny look, you can use a Lip Gloss in the same colour (here no. 04). The use of the same colour enhances the effect and gives an intensely beautiful, red and blushy look.

  • And voila! Red lips with lip gloss effect on top - if you wish. Absolutely beautiful look, easy to create and really durable.

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