Ecooking's Highlighter highlights your best features - by reflecting the light - and at the same time pushes the non-highlighted areas back a bit.

What is a highlighter?

Highlighter is used to highlight your best facial features and give a "glowing" look. Light and shadow do a lot for how your face looks and what elements of the face are noticed. With a little extra shine from a highlighter, your skin can look amazing regardless the skin type and age.

How do I use a highlighter?

Highlighter should be used after your foundation. Apply the highlighter with your finger or a brush to the places where the light hits your face: on the upper cheekbone, just below the brow, in the middle of the bridge of the nose, on the chin, and in the middle of your forehead (also called the t-zone).

Use a finger or a smaller brush to apply the highlighter at the tear duct and just above the cupid's arch (upper lip, arcuate line) to create full lips.

Depending on which brush you use to apply the highlighter, you can create different looks: For example, use the Foundation Brush for an intense result and Blush Brush for a softer look on the face. Apply the smaller brushes to the eye makeup.

Which highlighter should I choose?

There are different types of highlighters. Ecooking offers both a liquid one and a powder one. Some types are better for certain skin types, but it is also important to choose the one that you find easiest to work with.

If you tend to have oily skin, you can choose a highlighter in powder form, so that your look does not become too "shiny". Ecooking's Highlighter Baked is a beautiful highlighter in powder form with a faint pink golden tinge. It consists of protective vitamin E and moisturizing shea butter. You can also use Highlighter Baked as a light eye shadow. Highlighter Baked is also great to apply on the collarbone and shoulder area. 

Ecooking's Highlighter Liquid is perfect if you have drier skin. It has a natural shine effect, which contains ultra-fine glitter particles. This highlighter is a blend of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that moisturizes the skin and improves the suppleness of the skin. Works well with all skin types.