Do your eyes feel overlooked? An eyeliner can quickly change that. The eyeliner can come in many different variants.

What is eyeliner?

An eyeliner is a cosmetic color that is used to highlight the contour around the eye. With a stroke above or below the eye, your eyes will instantly  demand attention. Eyeliner is also used to open the eyes, frame them or add color. Both Ecooking's Eyeliner Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner define and highlight your eyes.

How do I use liquid eyeliner?

Draw the eyeliner line as close to your lash line as possible. Intensify and make your lashes fuller by working your eyeliner well down into the lash line or using it on the wet edge of the eye.

If you are hoping to create a perfect "wing", then it may require a bit of practice. Practice makes perfect, so do not let a bad result knock you out. You can also draw a help line along the lash line with an eye shadow and a thin makeup brush, or put a piece of tape on the skin very close under the eye. The tape should point towards the end of the brow. Liquid eyeliner can be difficult to handle, so it requires a lot of practice you master the technique.

Which eyeliner should I choose?

An eyeliner comes in many different varieties. At Ecooking, you can get both a liquid and a solid eyeliner. They are available in both black and color.

Liquid Eyeliner has an intense and glossy black color that creates a beautiful result. Lasts a long time. The applicator's design and firmness make it easy to use, but in some cases, you might find the applicator too large. Liquid Eyeliner treats with natural glycerin, which moisturizes the fine skin around your eyes.

Eyeliner Pencil is available in four different shades: Black, Brown, Blue, and Green. With its soft and creamy texture, Eyeliner Pencil is easy to blend, making it easy to achieve a toned and soft eyeliner look. Eyeliner Pencil is also perfect for creating a more dramatic eye makeup look like a smokey eye.

Get intense eyes by applying Eyeliner Pencil on the wet edge under the eye. In addition to creating attention, Eyeliner Pencil also nourishes the skin with natural vitamin E. It has high pigmentation that gives an intense color that covers well.