At ECOOKING, we believe that everyone deserves the sense of well-being that comes from healthy, nourished skin. Each day, as we stand in front of the mirror, we’re presented with an opportunity for self-care. It’s a moment where positive words and actions can set the tone for the day ahead. Taking care of our skin is an essential part of this ritual, which is why we provide effective skincare recipes designed to encourage just that.

Pure therapy

Our inspiration springs from the personal journey of our founder, Tina Søgaard. Through a difficult divorce, Tina experienced the toll it took on her skin. With many years of experience in the industry, she brought ingredients home from the laboratory to her kitchen table and began mixing creams, serums, and oils. The purpose was to restore her own skin, but it eventually proved effective for those around her as well. Helping others with their skin challenges became therapeutic to Tina and sparked the desire to help more.

First and foremost effective 

Since then, we have been dedicated to offering quality skincare products which are first and foremost effective, then as natural and organic as possible. Our recipes address specific skin challenges and cater to all skin types and ages. As a Danish brand with a straightforward approach to skincare, we aim to educate and guide you through the complexities of skincare while providing products that deliver visible results. Because no bump in the road or on the skin should prevent you from feeling beautiful inside and out.