We have carried the active ingredients from our facial care into our body care products, ensuring that the skin here also benefits from effective, nourishing, and smoothing care. Meet our body care experts here:

Body care

What does body care involve?

Many people are good at caring for their skin on the face, but often forget to care for the skin on the body. It may come as a surprise, but your body needs your care just as much.

The skin on the body is less fragile than the one on the face, which might be why many people forget it, but just as your skin on the face can be dry, delicate, or have impurities, so can your skin on the body.

There are many products for face care. When you think of body care products, these would usually be body scrub, body butter, body lotion, and body oils.

Which body care should women use?

In case you, for example, have very dry skin, body oils can be a good idea as they typically contain more nourishments.
If you want to maintain or make the body's skin more smooth and resilient, it is important to add a lot of moisture. This can be done with our Body Lotion and Body Cream.

To get the best results with the above products, the skin of your body must be well prepared. You can do this with a body scrub, which cleanses your skin in-depth and removes dead skin cells. This way, your skin is ready for the extra nourishment added afterwards.

Shower gel and hand soap

The shower gel is preferred by many over the soap as it is easier to handle and in some cases can act as a shampoo as well.

Our shower gel has a high content of organic glycerin, which softens and gives shine to your skin or hair. Therefore, it is also suitable as a shampoo.

What is a hand soap?

Hand soap is used to wash, clean, and care for your hands daily. Our hand soap is available in different versions: three scents, fragrance-free, and with a scrub.

Use body lotion every day

The body lotion is a product applied to your body where it moisturizes and cares in depth. Many people prefer to choose a body lotion without perfume to take extra good care of their skin. Furthermore, it reduces the chance of an allergic reaction, as you will not be in contact with a perfume for long periods.


Our self-tanning Mousse is soft and light in texture, which makes it easy to distribute the product and apply it evenly on the skin so that you get a nice and uniform result. We recommend using a glove for the best outcome. The mousse can be used for both face and body, and it is suitable for all skin types and ages.