Moisturising is one of the crucial steps in a good skincare routine! In addition to keeping the skin moisturised, it prevents dryness, strengthens the skin barrier, provides suppleness, and actually helps balance the skin's oil production. We offer facial creams tailored to every skin type and need, and you can discover your perfect match here:


What is the difference between Ecooking's Day Cream and Ecooking's Night Cream?

Each of the two creams has its purpose. The day cream should protect the skin from the dirt and challenges of the day, while the night cream should provide nourishment so that the skin can be rebuilt during the night. 

A day cream is a face cream giving your skin lots of moisture and care. In addition, it reduces fine lines and prevents signs of aging.

A night cream is a face cream ensuring a long-lasting moisture balance in your skin while smoothing and reducing fine lines. If you use it every night, it will visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles in the skin.

Anti-Redness Cream

A soothing face cream that effectively counteracts redness and irritation. Good for sensitive and impure skin.

Anti-Redness Cream is filled with soothing and nourishing ingredients that simultaneously act as a protective filter over the skin, absorbing the moisture of the top layer of the skin and smoothing the skin's surface. The cream creates a smoothing effect so that the skin appears soft while visible lines and pores are reduced.

What is the difference between face cream and body lotion?

A face cream is most often resistant to everyday dirt. With our Body Lotion, we bring the philosophy and ingredients of targeted facial care down to the body, so that it also receives efficient care with noticeable results. Body lotion provides moisture and care for everyone, but is especially aimed at you who wants the elasticity and glow back while fighting the weakness that comes with age.