Our makeup line includes a range of base products with varying coverage, allowing you to choose how natural or bold you want your look to be (try our colour match test to find the right shade). All these family members are, of course, filled with active ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin. Explore the options here:

Eye Makeup Remover
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What is primer?

Primer is the first makeup product you get on the skin as it prepares your skin for the rest of your makeup by uniforming the skin structure. In this way, the primer forms a perfect basis for beautiful and even makeup. An added bonus of primer is that it makes your makeup sit well longer. You can also use primer alone on the skin to create vitality and natural shine.

What is the difference between primer and foundation?

The difference between primer and foundation is that primer keeps your makeup in place, evens out your skin structure, and makes your makeup lie smooth, while the foundation is made to give you an even skin tone as well as to cover unevenness and impurities.

How should I use a primer?

Apply primer after cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Use your fingers to dab a thin layer of primer all over your face. Alternatively, you can use Foundation Brush or another makeup brush to distribute your primer. You can also mix primer in your foundation to achieve a light and natural foundation with extra shine.

Which primer should I use - and what types of primers are there?

There are different types of primers - both for the face and for the eyelashes. Of the primers made for the face, some have a mattifying effect on the skin, while others are made to moisturize the skin.
We have both a Primer for the face and a Lash Primer. Our Primer for the face is filled with moisturizing ingredients that care for your skin. Lash Primer for eyelashes is also a nourishing mixture of active ingredients that strengthens, repairs, and moisturizes your lashes while increasing the volume and length of the lashes.