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Which Mascara Brush should I go for?

Eye Makeup Remover
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Ecooking's Mascara contains vitamin E and organic chestnut extract, which moisturizes, protects, and repairs your lashes. With our four unique brushes, you can create your very own look.

What is mascara?

Mascara is a colored mass that is applied to the eyelashes with a brush. In this way, the eyes are highlighted and beautified. Mascara is often one of the most favorite parts of the makeup, as it gives the finishing touch.

How do I use mascara?

Take the brush out of the container. Place the brush at the root of your lashes. Look up while applying the mascara and use zigzagging motions to distribute the mascara evenly on your lashes.

Which mascara and brush should I choose?

You buy your Mascara and your Mascara Brush separately. You can replace the mascara lid with your brush, which will act as a new lid. If you later want to try another Mascara brush, you can wash your current one in lukewarm water and store it until you need to use it again. So you can just have one mascara, but several different brushes. That way, you can also switch between the brushes depending on what look you are going for.

You can get the Mascara in a tear-resistant and water-resistant version. Both mascaras contain vitamin E and organic chestnut extract, which moisturizes, protects, and repairs your lashes.

The unique vegan brushes are a great way to get exactly the lash look you want:

Mascara Brush 1 - curling & volume: This flexible and soft silicone brush is perfect if you want to focus on curling and volume. The c-shape of the brush is perfect for curving the lashes and giving fullness.
Mascara Brush 02 - separation & volume: This silicone brush is the right one for you if are looking for perfectly defined lashes. The brush separates and lifts the lashes and grabs even the finest lashes.
Mascara Brush 03 - length & volume: The nylon brush for you if you have slightly shorter lashes and want extra length. The combination of short and long hair lengthens, separates, and gives volume to the lashes.
Mascara Brush 04 - XXL volume: This nylon brush will help if you want an extraordinary lash look. The brush lengthens and lifts your lashes, while at the same time it curves the lashes and gives a lot of volume.

What does a lash primer do?

Just as your face primer is the basis for beautiful makeup, the Lash Primer is the basis for beautiful and full-bodied eyelashes. You can safely leave your eyelashes to Ecooking's Lash Primer, which both beautifies and pampers the lashes. Lash Primer covers all your lashes with a nourishing recipe of keratin, chestnut extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E, which strengthens, repairs, and moisturizes the eyelashes.

In addition, this base makes your mascara spread evenly on the lashes, without clumping, and at the same time increases the volume and length of your lashes. Lash Primer is gray, so it blends easily with your mascara.

Place the brush at the root of your lashes. Look up while applying Lash Primer and use zigzagging motions to distribute the primer evenly on your lashes. Then apply your favorite mascara. If you want the extra effect of Lash Primer, you can repeat the process: Lash Primer, Mascara, Lash Primer, Mascara.