Blush Brush

  • Ideal size and shape for applying blush
  • Soft and synthetic bristles that provide even application
  • Can also be used for contouring, highlighting, and bronzer
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This is a multi-purpose brush you can use for blush, contouring, highlights, and bronzer.
Use Blush directly on your cheekbones. To create a fresh, healthy look, you can also apply blush to
apple cheeks.

For striking contouring, use light and dark shadows: Place the dark contour under the cheekbone, 
blush on the cheekbone itself, and the light highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbone. 
Add a glow to your face with bronzer at the temples, on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose.

All our brushes are made with synthetic hairs and are therefore vegan.

Use the brush that suits you to put on the make-up you want. We recommend washing your brush before 
using it the first time.

To maintain your brush in optimal condition, it's recommended to clean it once a week. Regular cleaning not only extends the brush's lifespan but also reduces bacteria buildup. Use an intimate wash or a mild, fragrance-free shampoo to clean your brush.

When cleaning your brush, be mindful that water can dissolve glue, so it's crucial to avoid getting water on the glue and the handle. Wash the brush gently and then let it dry on a clean, dry towel. This prevents water from seeping into the glued parts and affecting the brush's integrity.

Plastic handles with soft synthetic fibres.

The handle is made in ABS plastic. It is a lacquered handle. The varnish used is a two-component paint based on polyester resin.

The synthetic fibers are PBT based - 100% Polybutylenterephthalat.


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